Monday, October 20, 2014

ghost butt and smile

-i was recently reminded that in high school i slept on a waterbed
-i have this nagging urge that i should really know more about jim croce
-do you ever want to watch a  movie but just don't feel like reading subtitles?
-last week black francis played in town and i did not go. this seems like some kind of bummer milestone. my younger self is probably super bummed out.
-i just reorganzied my records and my reggae section is pretty slim. i felt bad about this.
-every night when i am trying to go to sleep i think about all the people i need to send a package off to and i feel bad about what  a flake i have become. to you: i'm sorry, really. i'm working on it.
-i was just thinking about these bright yellow Fuct pants i used to have.
-i'm into tapes these days. i support tapes.
-i want to go on a podcast. i am embarrassed about this. i don't know what it would be about i just would like to sit in front of a laptop and a mic and talk to somebody.
-my kid is so into sitting in a cardboard box and i am so proud of that.
-i can't have nice things

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

posters for your people

these are some new prints i made for my show at mollusk
all promotional posters for the present moment
in some way or manner

all available through mollusk in sf

Friday, October 10, 2014

fruit show

so into fruits and vegetables right now
there is a future in foods
gentelness banana

singing apple

peace fruits flag

Thursday, October 9, 2014


these are some books i made for my most recent art show at mollusk in beautiful san francisco california. they are without exception pieces of wood painted just so as to resemble an actual book. they are not real books that you can open and read. they are real things but a different kind of thing than they represent. or not? let's not dig too deep here.

a book about what you're expectig to happen

 don't we all need this? who knows what we're supposed to be doing here? i'll tell you: the person who wrote this for us.

somebody had to do it right? or some thing? here it is condensed.

there are so many ways to live it, here are several.

a collection of them all right here in a beautiful coffee table-suitable display.

new happenings in sad

this is how they handled things 1937-1938

a songbook of songs to sing about/for/to/in spite of all that surrounds

i really am!

finally it can be told! for us by us.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

travels astral

i went to san francsico and now i am back from san francsico
i ran around and did things and talked to people and showed people things i had made
i am feeling like listening to new records and making new foods
but now i am feeling like being here in the town i live in and not being on the computer
so i 'll show some pictures and sahre some things but later
i promise
how good is this record/tape?

Thursday, September 25, 2014

fruity futures

this morning i heard this song as transition music on NPR.

it was weird. when i was a kid i thought it would be great if the music i liked was what was on tv and the radio, like the world would be cooler. it didn't feel that cool. i don't really feel that cool. what do we call this feeling? it's a like a nostalgia for a future that was not. i'm not sure. 1993 was like the year of hip hop for me. there were a lot of good records. i saw tribe called quest, de la soul, and souls of mischeif at bogart's in cincinnati that year. they took a  really long time to get on stage. i was wearing a white sweater. i saw dog hanging out on the side of the road on the 2 hour drive there. i don't remember what we ate but i thnk it was burger king.

here's a drawing i did for my art show coming up. it's 3 feet square. i'm into the peace fruits as a movement, as a club, as a feeling and force. let's talk about it when i see you.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


i am having an exhibition of new art works! in less than two weeks! with my friends at mollusk in san francisco in the beautiful state of california usa! i will show some pictures soon of the things i have been making as a sneak peek. but at the opening there will be music, beer and the fellowship of buds! won't you come visit?