Friday, September 12, 2014

friday meditations

this is great to work to. forget about it, watch it reappear. it sounds like a lot of other things but that's ok because it is a thing of itself and the details shift as it contributes to the greater burble and hum. i am into it.

last night i put this on the stereo real loud and pranced around with my kid to it. i have not lsitened to this song in many years but when i first heard it my mind was blown. like the distinctness and deliberateness of everything is crystal. my friend sam used to dig up all kinds of space country jams like this. there are a million things to dig up still. this song still trips me out. good to prance about to.

and this:

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


to do:
make art show
make book
make record
make lunch
make drawing
make up
make bread
make $
make good
make coffee
make it
make shelves to put things on
make some things to put on a shelf
make some calls
make some packages to send off
make it up to you (them) (us)
make the train
make time

Friday, September 5, 2014

cool dorks

i was driving around town this morning going to garage sales and this song came on:

i live in indiana so everytime you turn on the radio there's a 75% chance you will here a little johnny cougar wthin 10 minutes. i have been inoculated since early childhood on him. but something i realized today: this song kind of rules. and this video also kind of rules. i mean, these dudes are dorks. just look at them, with their scarves prancing about in the quarry. but like, sincere dorks. almost overly dork. but they believe in it, man. they believe in the song! i would have loved to have accidentally walked into them shooting this video, lip-synching while wearing their fingerless gloves. i would cheer them on and shout "get it, dudes!" i love it. and you know what: everyone DOES need a hand to hold on to. it does not need to be no rich hand or a strong hand. this shit is real.
it made me think again that i should really move to bloomington. so i watched this:

now i want to get a better bike.
and after all this i came back to my personal king of the sincere romantic cool guy dorks.
here is our eddie:

may you have a pleasant and cozy weekend and may we all be as big of dorks some time in our life.

Monday, August 18, 2014

blankness possibilities and surprises

hello. today i am sharing with you a project that i've been working on for a while in collaboration with Plumb Goods, designers Mcfadden & Thorpe, and head project guru Tucker Nichols. the deal is this: we dreamed up a group of notebooks or sketchbooks or blank books or whatever you want to call them, hid all kinds of secret art things in them (which i am not showing here because we all love discovering and looking and finding) and then made them. and i am stoked on them.
here i will show them all to you and maybe you can go to the plumb site and look at the ones some other artists made, all of which are special in their own way. ok here we go:
 this is the WAKING WAITING WALKING set of three notebooks
one for when you wake up. 
one for when you are waiting for something. 
one for when you are walking around.
they ar all bound differently... 
like a regular book
like a journalist's pad
like a landscape
 and it comes with an accordian fold out book of a drawing i made about the notebooks
 here they are
that gold stamping came out rad
and each book or set of books comes with an interview card where i talk about stuff
katie took that photo in terri's backyard a year or two ago

and now this one:

 this one is the fake book one
you know me: i love fake books
so i made some real ones
 each sketchbook, a nice hardbound thing, comes with two double-sided book covers for a ttoal of four fake books you can look like you are reading or drawing in so you can look smart or dumb or whatevber these things are supposed to make you look like
 here they are
and here it is open 
it really is a nice feeling thing

and we made some inside art and some surprises. 
lots to look at i promise

 and look: another interview card

and then this one:
 this one is record size
and the idea is maybe to use it while you are listening to records
or you can keep it with your records
 and everyone loves inserts with their records so we made some
 here's the pad
 here's a fold-out poster
 here's a mail-order catalog
and here's another interview card 
with a photo by andrew hutchison 
from a show i did at big car in indianapolis indiana

and remember there are secret art things in each one
so please take a look
because we made these for you
and we hope you like them

Monday, July 28, 2014

vans bowl again

i went to huntington beach and helped paint a bowl for the van doren invitational sponsored by vans. this is the true story of that trip. what a thing!
first off: free chardonay in the lobby 5-6. for classy people like me to sip while we are sketching out ideas for a giant mural to paint in a skateboard bowl  for which we have not planned much.

day one! i drew some stuff out in chalk after deciding against something really stupid.

here's a detail of that sketch up. notice the snake. we are getting allegorical up in this piece. 
artist jay howell can be seen peeping on me in the upper left corner.

got them colors down the first day! i tend to think of these things like a print: what color goes first and then what goes on top of it. banana is for scale.

day two!  a dude cometh! it's starting to get hot already and it's like 8am.

in true tom sawyer fashion i tricked michael hsiung into doing some fill-ins for me. not really! michael is a great guy and offered to help! still, i sat in a chair and took this photo of him.

end of day two! the white is in and the black has begun! oh my god there is so much black to do! i am so hot and i want to lay down on the bottom of the ocean.

lucky for me on day three doctor cool banana showed up with a bagel for me. thanks, bro. did i mention this was the last day to paint? yeep!

detail of the strawberry/foot touch interaction area.

here you can see from under the shade tent that it's starting to make sense. the health food is transforming the dream rays into a snakeworm, or is it the other way around? art!

accidental photo that just looks cool. i have finished the black and started to put in some starry dots. time lapse from the photo before: like 5 hours.

stev van doren made me this hot dog and i ate it

finished! agh! if you squint you can see me sitting on the extension. maybe this is the biggest thing  i have painted? i'll find better photos on the internet and put them here. but jeez! this was fun and hard and i am stoked and tired. 

sorry clothes. see you next year!

not shown:
-all the rad dudes i got to hang and paint with
-all the rad food i ate
-how hot it was
-tired bones
-balcony hotel view
-the vans headquarters ramp

sorry! i am terrible at blogging!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

where it is

lately it's been about having the fever for creedence. let us choogle!

lately it has alsobeen  fairly obsessed with listening to "mel" by east river pipe over and over and over. it's sad and sweet and heavy duty. and that cover art is great. will trade a drawing for this on LP, just saying. i am in deep on it.

and i want to get a brat and have ruth gordon drive me around and jump stuff.


Monday, July 7, 2014

california working week

i painted a couple faces on a couple doors at some friends' new place to eat and drink that might confuse people but whatever you can just go in wherever. it's unisex.

i went to my buddies' Thomas and Tiffany's house in Bonny Doon, California and painted their backyard trailer. i got to sleep in the trailer, hang out with the dog, eat good meals, look at david lee roth videos, go skating with famous skateboarders, laugh at stuff, and generally just hang out and get weird. it was a great weekend! there are many good people in the world and more everyday, i feel.

i went to see one of my favorite musical groups, the range of light wilderness play in a redwood grove in Berkeley, a hop skip and a jump from my old stomping grounds down on milvia street. i miss milvia street and  imiss the way berkeley smells. 
i went to the office and worked with my brothers and sisters at mollusk making drawings, drinking coffee, and making jokes. i love work weeks with the dudes. 

and then i got to come home to the people who were waiting for me to come home which is a really good feeling to have. you should try it, it's great!