Monday, November 24, 2014

your heart is true

there was a time in my life when i worked for a record store in berkeley selling things on ebay. things like records of course, but more often then not it was pieces from a vast collection of promotional materials accumulated over the years by the store's owners. one of those was an Andrew Gold press kit which consisted of a few pages of album info and a glossy 8x10 head shot of Mr. Gold. I didn't know who he was so as a curious young man i did a little research and discovered he was a songwriter and performer who's main claim to fame is writing a song that would later be adapted into a tv show theme song. i wonder how that must feel. like what if i licensed one of my drawings to a cartoon show to make a little extra money and then 30 years later people come up to me and say, "hey man aren't you the dootie dawg guy? he's such a rascal!" would a part of me think, if you like the dootie dawg, check out my fake book about being sad! that's the real deal! you know nothing of my work! (smashes window) but maybe another part would think, something  i did made someone happy and maybe that is all we can hope for!
in the end worrying about your legacy or in some way trying to shape your story might be futile and that's ok! if my mom came home and was like "i'm dating andrew gold" i would say "he wrote the golden girls theme song! remember when we used to watch that every friday night?!those were good times, mom!" and be stoked.
in closing, i should note that the press kit sold to a woman who claimed to be mr. gold's girlfriend.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


is there a more beautiful and good vibes person than stephen powers? probably, but this dude makes me have feelings about things allthe same. i met him once and he was very nice to me.

Monday, November 3, 2014

dj sleek baby

yesterday i raked the leaves and listend to a bunch of unwound.
it worked out great!

today i will think about making things out of wood!

let's go on vacation! something tropical!

carry on with it!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

graves of the week

a few days ago i pulled this record (Graves "Summr Bummr") off the shelf and played it for the first time in a long time. i was drawn to it. and i've been playing it a lot the past few days while i'm drinking coffee or making dinner or playing with the kid. and now i am thinking about it and telling you about it. what a record. it's all the things i like about music and art: understated but thinking about the big things. it's not a crashing tidal wave it's a babbling brook. it's not a free ipad giveaway it's a dubbed tape you find in the shoebox. i can't stop listening to it. 
this record came out on a label called st. ives, which was a sub-label of secretly canadian and their whole deal was letting the artists do whatever they wanted and they made the art out of old SC jackets turned inside out. they started when i was living in indiana the first time and i bought all the first run of things. some of them were by bands that would get more famous later and i ended up selling those st. ives records on ebay later to pay rent. which was awesome! but sometimes i wish i still had those records. but it sure was great to be able to pay rent. 
back to Graves: they have a bunch of records and they are all of Graves, pieces of the puzzlei think. i recently went on Bandcamp and bought a tape called "gravesest hits" which is a collection from all the old records. i can appreciate that and i am appreciating it, and the tape will live in my car for a long time.
and this is what i am really into this week! i urge you to get into something this week! it helps! it works! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

db / km

i like it when things that i like but think of as being seperate are in fact not seperate. like the alice coltrane record i got that has a drawing on it by gary panter,  it reminds us that none of us are all that seperate. there is a thing about the footage of a kid riding a skateboard in the early 90s that pulls on my heart and left foot. and there is a thing about this song by devendra that also pulls on my heart and my eyelid. i encourage you to find those things for you that bring us together!

Monday, October 20, 2014

ghost butt and smile

-i was recently reminded that in high school i slept on a waterbed
-i have this nagging urge that i should really know more about jim croce
-do you ever want to watch a  movie but just don't feel like reading subtitles?
-last week black francis played in town and i did not go. this seems like some kind of bummer milestone. my younger self is probably super bummed out.
-i just reorganzied my records and my reggae section is pretty slim. i felt bad about this.
-every night when i am trying to go to sleep i think about all the people i need to send a package off to and i feel bad about what  a flake i have become. to you: i'm sorry, really. i'm working on it.
-i was just thinking about these bright yellow Fuct pants i used to have.
-i'm into tapes these days. i support tapes.
-i want to go on a podcast. i am embarrassed about this. i don't know what it would be about i just would like to sit in front of a laptop and a mic and talk to somebody.
-my kid is so into sitting in a cardboard box and i am so proud of that.
-i can't have nice things